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Minerva Chronograph - Angelus 215

The dial on this World War II era Minerva chronograph was in even worse shape than the Enicar shown previously. While the refinished dial is a dramatic improvement, it lacks the crispness and some of the details of the original. This is why I only recommend dial refinishing when the original dial is badly damaged or worn. No refinished dial ever looks quite as good as the original and I have yet to find a dial refinisher who can perfectly replicate the subtle details of a vintage factory original dial. That said, in the case of this old Minerva, dial refinishing was needed and the end result was reasonable. The Angelus Caliber 215 movement had seen many years of use and was quite well worn, although it responded well to proper cleaning, lubrication and a new alloy mainspring. Unlike the Enicar, it took me several days of testing and adjusting to bring the chronograph functions back into good working order.

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