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Wyler Heavy Duty 660

This watch exemplifies what I love about the Wyler brand. At first glance, it looks terrible, but there's a gorgeous timepiece hidden just below the surface. I have had so many Wylers come to me in this condition: worn or damaged crystal, well-worn case, missing crown, etc. However, thanks to Wyler's robust case designs and patented "IncaFlex" balance wheel, the underlying movements are almost always in excellent condition. Wyler generally used high quality Swiss movements made by ETA, a brand that remains the workhorse of the Swiss industry. The dial on this beauty was nearly perfect, although the luminous paint on the hour markers had picked up a rusty patina with age. The hour and minute hands had been bent at some point and the original luminous was gone. I serviced the movement, cleaned and straightened the hands and, in an effort to try and complement the darkened original luminous on the hour markers, mixed up a batch of khaki luminous paint to relume the hands. Fortunately, I also had in stock the correct crystal and signed Wyler crown, as well as the proper length split stem. The finished product is a great example of a case where the dramatic makeover did not include dial refinishing.

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